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Thursday, 14 January 2016

5 ways to creating engaging social media post

We all want to create engaging social media posts to get more likes, shares, comments and a close sale (many times). But, how often fail to do that effectively.

There are many ways to create engaging social media post; here are 5 ways to do that.

Let's explore it :)

5 ways to creating engaging social 

1. Shorter Post length - This is one of the most important factors to get more likes, shares/retweets, comments.
  • Twitter:  Use 100 - 120 characters in your tweets to get re-tweets and quoted by others.
  • Facebook: Use 120 - 140 characters in your posts to make it shorter and crisp to read and get more engagement.
  • Linkedin: Try to be short and concise (approx 200 - 250 characters)

2. Use Images/Videos/Gifs -  "An image is worth of 1000's of words", you may have heard this 1000's of time earlier. Nothing new in this, at the same time it is proven psychologically our brain is attracted towards visual. So, take the advantage of this and share your social media post with beautiful images. You can click images yourself or can use stock images available freely on the web.

You can use some easy tools/website to make beautiful images, videos, gifs even infographics.

Here is a small list to help you all:
Use images/videos/gifs to make engaging social media posts 

3. Use Hashtags/Keywords - Almost every measure social media platform including facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr Google plus supports Hashtags. 

But what is "Hashtag" - it is a simple keyword, which is written after "#" sign, for example- "#Socialmedia" is a hashtag.

Hashtags or keywords in your social media post help to reach more people and increases the life of your social media post.

Here are some tools, which will help you to find relevant hashtag for you -

4. Use Humor - We all are humans and we all love some humor and fun side. Social media is for making connections and igniting conversations. It is not like your official website or office workspace. Have some fun in your social media post. You can present boring messages into a funny image tweet or a shorter video.

Some brands even NGOs are doing it to raise awareness and making more connections.

for example -  A Govt agency tweeting in a humorous way! Try it!

5. Humanize your Brand on social media - Show your Brand's human side on social media.

Reply and thanks to those people, who likes, comments and share your social media post. This way you will provide a good incentive to the people to share your post and making it more engaging.

Now you have some cool ways to create engaging social media post. Use it in your next social media post and tell me your experience.

If you have some other cool tips, do share it in the comment.

If you like it.

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