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Monday, 7 December 2015

Twitter: 3 ways to gain followers and authority

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for real-time marketing & monitoring and people often struggle to get followers and authority here. Initially, I also faced the similar situation but later on I learned how to get followers and build authority.
Here is an article from Social media examiner, in which author explains 4 simple ways to grow twitter following. These are, find and follow relevant people, tweet interesting stuff, engage with others and promote your twitter account through other channels. Engaging with other like-minded people around certain topic will increase your authority and help you to gain new followers. Tweet with images and see what your audience is talking about, join the conversation and build your authority.

Here is another article from Crowdfire, in which they explain 25 ways to gain twitter followers. Some of the important ways are having a proper bio, Tweeting at the best time, maintain tweeting frequency and participate in Twitter chats to gain follower and build authority. This article too says engage with your audience, reply your mentions and interact with influencers. 
Both of the above articles have common points to gain followers and build authority.
Top 3 ways are as follows:
  1. Follow people - Follow relevant people from your industry to get updated on your industry.
  2. Engage - Engage with your audience, influencers, reply to mentions, like or retweet the relevant tweets to gain more visibility.
  3. Twitter Chats - Participate in your industry related twitter chats to build you authority and gain followers.
These are simple tips for anyone who is new to twitter or want to get more followers and build authority.

What are your tips on growing twitter followers?

Share it in comments.

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