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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

How to Growth Hack your Social Media Engagement

Hello friends, We all use social media for personal & professional reason on a day to day basis. We all love posting interesting stuffs, selfies, articles, videos, snaps  and many more thing, but what if we can get 100 likes instead of 10-12 likes. We can surely increase this in short time, but social media engagement is a long-term strategy which is based on real one to one conversations.

How to Growth Hack your Social Media Engagement

This week on 12th April 2016, I was the guest host on weekly #Rubhusocial  Twitter chat  hosted by Akathma Devi. We have discussed, "How to Growth Hack your Social Media Engagement." This is not a rocket science, you need consistency in your content and have to be there to engaged in real time to get long term Engagement.

#Rubhusocial is one of most engaged twitter chat in India around Digital Marketing & Social Media.

How to Growth Hack your Social Media Engagement

Here is Q&A done on #Rubhusocial -

Q1 What is Growth Hacking and can it be applied to social media Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A1 #GrowthHacking a/c to @aginnt, one whose passion & focus is pushing a metric through use of testable & scalable methodology #Rubhusocial

A1 #GrowthHacking is all about implementing data backed #marketing Strategies for Growth, which is well suited for #SocialMedia #Rubhusocial

Q1b before we dive in, what is social media Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A1b #SocialMedia Engagement is about consistent long term
Relationship with customer’s #Rubhusocial

A1b This is not about getting 1000 likes on one post & nearly zero Interactions on next post. #Rubhusocial

A1b Consistent Engagement through real Conversation is the real metrics for #SocialMedia Engagement #Rubhusocial

Q2 What is the real reason for low social media Engagement?

A2 Several reasons, mainly boring content, content without context, not targeting relevant #Niche segment #Rubhusocial

A2 lack of Consistency in post's quality is the one of many reasons. Always add value with humor (w/o Troll) to Increase Engagement #Rubhusocial

A2 Monotonous tone is another big reason, always have friendlier conversational tone to be engaged #Rubhusocial

SocialMedia is the place to be Social, 
don't bring board rooms formalities in your social media posts. 

Q3 Which are the best practices to Growth hack your social media Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A3 Think as a customer, what makes a social media post more
Engaging, you will get the answer #Rubhusocial

A3 stunning visuals but has to be relevant with the text of post. Short videos, #LiveStreaming like #blab & #periscope, quizzes, giveaways #Rubhusocial

A3 Contests - best way to involve customers to Increase Engagement & getting lots of User-generated Content to be used further #Rubhusocial

A3 These users generated content will be helpful to Increase further Engagement in long-term #Rubhusocial

A3 Reciprocity and exclusivity is the best tool to Growth Hack your social media Engagement #Rubhusocial

A3 Share the posts of your most engaged customers; give them the shout out and exclusive gifts/perks. #Rubhusocial

Q4 How to measure social media Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A4 Social Media Engagement is a long-term metrics; you can measure by repeat customers, up-sells and conversation details #Rubhusocial

A4 On day to day basis likes, shares and other metrics can help but not a real metrics to be excited for #Rubhusocial

A4 Various marketing automation software, Google Analytics helps you to measure social media Engagement #Rubhusocial

Q5 Which brand or companies are a good example for Growth hacking their social media Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A5 having a million followers and only 10k engaged means, only 1% Engagement #Rubhusocial

A5 Highest % of engagement were received by @3mNews w/ 77.1%, @Pampers w/ 60.8% & @Coronaextrausa w/ 60% #Rubhusocial

A5 @Natgeo @WWE @Huffpost, all measure sports, and fashion brands. #Rubhusocial
Q6 Which platforms are best & future for social media Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A6 All visual platforms are the present & future of social media
Engagement. #Rubhusocial

A6 #YouTube #Instagram #Facebook #Snapchat and #LiveStreaming Tools #Blab will grow bigger & get a major chunk of social media Engagement #Rubhusocial

A6 Future of social media Engagement is also on chat apps like
#Messenger, #Whatsapp, and #Hike #Rubhusocial

SocialMedia Engagement is a long term investment like SEO, don't expect a quick fix. 
Be engaged to get Engagement. 

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